Welcome to Berkley Technology Services LLC

Customers and employees of Berkley Technology Services (BTS) are partners. The word partner is reflected in the attitude of our employees to one another and to our customers. Creating the proper environment is one of the most important tasks our management team undertakes.


Technology Leadership Unleashing Business Potential


It is the mission of Berkley Technology Services to:

  • Provide end to end support of reliable and effective transaction processing solutions through common systems that meet the business and timing needs of WRBC operating companies.
  • Provide a secure infrastructure to enable the corporation to implement and support systems and meet individual company needs.
  • Provide comprehensive world class support and IT consulting services.
  • Enable more effective use of analytics in WRBC and the operating companies.
  • Maintain effective two way communication to understand the current and future needs of the corporation and the operating companies.


BTS is an organization that exists to provide efficient and effective transaction processing systems and access to the resulting data to the WRBC operating companies. We are accountable to the operating companies for responsible use of the financial resources which they provide. In our efforts to provide timely service to the WRBC operating companies, we will reward employees who provide creative business solutions in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Personal accountability is a cornerstone of our culture. Teamwork is essential to accomplishing our goals, but each person is measured based on their individual contribution to the overall effort. We strive to create an atmosphere where desired results are clearly defined and employees are encouraged to use their creativity and ingenuity to achieve those results.

We are dedicated to having the right people in the right positions. Positioning our employees to leverage their strengths allows us to provide customer service with a passion. It is incumbent upon us to approach our implementation and support obligations with a results orientation. To achieve the level of results necessary each person within BTS is responsible for initiating and maintaining open communication to our customers and team members.

We are not a software development organization we are a technology organization, whose focus is to provide business solutions for transaction processing.