Berkley Technology Services LLC (BTS), a division of WR Berkley Corporation, is a customer service focused technology provider of insurance systems. BTS has facilities located in Des Moines, Iowa, Morrisville, North Carolina, and Wilmington, Delaware.

Our functions include working with various third parties to develop, integrate, and support insurance systems for the companies of W. R. Berkley Corporation. BTS strives to provide these functions in a holistic manner including helpdesk support, system connectivity, and operational support. Additional responsibilities include coordinating communications regarding best practices in the use of our supported systems and researching new technology.

At BTS, there are the opportunities associated with being a part of an established and empowering corporation while maintaining a positive personal working environment. Additionally, we provide the benefits of a casual dress code, a competitive compensation and benefits package, and a genuine opportunity for motivated and talented individuals to gain the recognition and compensation that they deserve.

BTS is constantly growing and expanding to meet the changing demands of one of the most profitable insurance organizations in the world.